In Peru where I’m from, we make everything with our hands. It’s common to build your own house and furniture, is a very hands on culture. As a result, people are always looking to improve their lives and to solve whatever problem arises by themselves, without professional involvement. It’s a community where people support each other with whatever skills they possess. 
When I arrived to Spain as an immigrant 16 years ago, I observed that people were happy with the solutions provided. It impressed me that everything was already in place and that things had been given their own identities through packaging and branding. What also impressed me was the fact that everything was so organized, in an impeccable manner. For instance the metro; it is still one of the most beautiful experiences to me. It’s mind blowing, like a city under a city, another ecosystem, with its color coded maps and travellers sitting organized. As is the simple beauty of flushing the toilet with the exact measure of water. And that dogs are trained not to bark and that they’re being served their own food on their own plates. So organized. 
I remain impressed, I observe everything and my mind continuously keeps working on solutions to better the life and to invent new and better products. To me it is an inspiring process to observe all the solutions already in place but still, I cannot stop thinking about the possibility to design better solutions.
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