My name is Carlo, I am a robotic engineer and designer from Peru. Son of a single mother, I grew up in a clothing factory set up in our house, which was the only way to provide for the family. When I was 12, my mom left Peru to try a better luck abroad and I had to drop out of school to
economically maintain myself. At 16 I reunited with my mum in Spain and rebuilt my life.
Soon I realized that the childhood I had was far from how kids grow up in Europe. As a consequence of the experience I had in my early life, I’ve been thinking a lot about the problem of people exploitation by the fashion industry. This is happening on many levels and takes different forms - global companies using and often abusing cheap workforce in developing countries, widespread unpaid internships by small studios, illegal and dangerous manufacturing factories, etc. I see one of the key causes to this problem in the fact that fashion manufacturing process is primarily human-powered.

The key focus of my current work is merging design and fashion with robotics. I create my own software and hardware, which I hope will help to transform the fashion industry.
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