Rollator AZ

Interdisciplinary project in collaboration with a physiotherapist (Justien Vandenberghe), two product designers (Livia De Clercq, Lore Dedobbeleer) and an industrial designer (Pieter-Jan Belles). The aim was to help people with impaired mobility after a stroke or a palsy by improving already existing rollators. We created add-ons to the rollators because they were subsidised for the eldest and/or disabled, who were our market niche and would not have the means to buy a brand new one. Other criteria were sustainability – using the least material possible and reusing the current rollator – and user comfort – the transition would be less stressful because it was a product that they were already familiar with. Year 2016 At Howest Industrieel ProductOntwerpen, in Belgium. 90x40x15 cm Metal pipe, Foam, Leather.

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