MSc Robotics Master Thesis:
Garment Construction in Mid-Air 
by Robotic Manipulators

2nd Winner Barnet's Big Idea 2020 Startup Competition
Fashion X Robots (FaRo) is a suggested alternative to human-powered methods of manufacturing traditionally used in the fashion industry. This is a unique technological and creative solution, which will help to transform the fashion and design industry into a more sustainable, socially and environmentally responsible, technologically advanced and more accessible form. 
FaRo 1.0 is a robot operated by the software developed specifically for this machine. How this works. The FaRo will build a real size ready to wear/use fashion garment (a dress, jacket, tapestry, etc.) from a virtual 3D model created in a modelling program or will replicate a physical miniature or real size model of the garment transferred into the software by 3D scanning. 
FaRo is aimed for use by a range of customers from large design studios and companies to individual independent designers and amateur fashion enthusiasts. FaRo will provide a flexible and ready to use alternative to outsourcing production of samples and final products to 3rd parties, ensuring a quicker, better controlled and uninterrupted tech-enabled creative process.


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